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Wholesale Pearls - Ora Moana Ltd

Ora Moana Ltd is a sister company to Moana Gems and is an accredited wholesaler for the AVAIKI Cook Islands Pearls brand. Established in 1997 Ora Moana Ltd’s main focus is the wholesale of selected parcels of loose pearls of all shapes sizes and grades. In addition to parcels of loose pearls Ora Moana Ltd wholesales pearl strands.

The company also acts as a representative for farmers in Manihiki assisting them with the sale of their crops.

Raymond Newnham is an AVAIKI accredited Pearl grader and all pearls sold by Ora Moana Ltd and Moana Gems are graded according to AVAIKI standards.

You can view a small selection of loose pearls and strands on Moana Gems’s Strands & Pearls page.

For wholesale parcels contact us directly at oramoana@oyster.net.ck

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